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hitmetrics.io is an unlimited analytics service for startups, small businesses, and agencies who need constant analytics support.

Business focused

Your business priorities are our priorities. We do analytics work according to what matters to you, making recommendations aimed at helping you improve your bottom line.

Actionable insights

We will analyze your data to help you decide on the best course of action to improve your customer retention, flow, and conversion.

What can we do for you?

Site tagging

Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and everything in between. You have needs unique to your business. We get that. Receive a web analytics implementation and setup perfect for your business.

A/B testing

Improve your bottomline and conversion goals through experimentation. Test with different scenarios and offers designed for your users.

Analytics Reporting

Capture all the important points of your business through awesome dashboards and reports. Have the latest snapshot of your business ready at your fingertips.

Insight generation

Make data driven decisions guided by insights on why certain things are happening (or the lack thereof), who are your visitors, their struggles on your site, and how to improve your funnel.

Analytics planning

Strategize your analytics approach with confidence. We'll help you understand your metrics and KPIs, how to measure them and evaluate performance, and how to improve upon them.


A site riddled with bugs and issues lowers site performance and reduces conversions. Keep your users happy by ensuring a seamless site experience. We'll help you identify the issues and how to fix them.

Analytics Technology consulting

Receive opionated yet unbiased thoughts on what tools would best serve your needs and how to go about implementing them.

Data manipulation

Save time from having to manage and wrestle with messy data. We'll help you with data cleansing, enrichment, and manipulation.

Data analysis

We work with any data you have on hand. Let us drive insights, that will bring higher conversions, while you focus on your business.

Data visualization

Key to quickly extracting insights from data is rich visualizations designed to explain your business KPI flows.

Some of the tools we are proficient in

and more...

See what our clients say

Joe Howard - Head Buff at WPBuffs

The Hitmetrics team has been crushing it for us. Optimizing entire sales funnels is really hard and they've helped us set up analytics to track everything as well as advise on areas to experiment and make positive changes. Most importantly, working with Hitmetrics is like having a responsive, in-house conversion team who are invested in your website and complete all their projects on-time. The only reason I'd say others shouldn't work with Jonathan and Stan is so they can do more work for us :)

Ian Chew, Corporate Relations & Content at Assertive & Co.

I got Jon to consult for a client account, and in just one hour he gave several incisive insights on using analytics to grow a business’s bottom line. Definitely will be reaching out to him again for advice!

How it works?


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Frequently asked questions

Why so cheap?

Over time, we have built a portfolio of automation scripts and analysis tools. Combined with our deep understanding of data and difference in incentive structure, what takes an agency 3 weeks to deliver, we can accomplish in 5 days.

What is the delivery time for an average project?

It depends. Data analysis and insight generation can take us anywhere from 1 to 5 days as we would need to familiarize ourselves with your business objectives and data. Developing a tagging solution for a whole site can take upwards from 7 days.

Is there a contract term?

Nope. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Simply send us an email at support@hitmetrics.io to let us know.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with your work?

Absolutely! We have 10 days, money back guarantee! No Questions asked.

How much work will you really do?

Everything according to your subscription plan!

If you are looking to understand your data and gain insights on it, it will take us 1 to 5 days to deliver the best insights after brainstorming and analyzing your data.

If you don't currently have any tags on your site and are looking to add tracking functionality, we will help you come up with technology recommendations and a tagging solution for your site. We will provide you an estimated timeline based off your needs and develop a custom solution accordingly.

I've paid. Now what?

You'll now receive an email containing questions aimed at helping us understand your business and goals better. We will use this information to drive and align our insights and analytics work against your KPIs.

I need some code developed. Can you do it?

No. Occasionally, a proposed solution may require the involvement of a developer. However, we offer insights and analytics services, not technical development. Although our work requires us to understand and be good coders, we do not offer coding services at the moment.

What is the difference between Basic and Heavy plans?

The Basic plan allows for 1 active project at a time whereas the Heavy plan allows for 2 active projects at a time.

Where are you located?

The core team is located in beautiful Toronto, Canada. However, we have some team members scattered across the globe.

I am only looking for tracking implementation, can you do that?

Yes. We do carry out a lot of digital analytics tracking implementations for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel and other tools. However if you are not interested in ongoing support and our other services, consider trying our sister service Point&Tag, which was specifically created for custom event tracking implementations.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Contact us at info@hitmetrics.io with your questions.

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$99 /one time

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1 Project

Analytics planning, Reporting, Site tagging, A/B testing, Insight Generation, Troubleshooting, Technolgy consulting, Data manipulation

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Basic Plan

$799 /month

1 Active Project

Unlimited Projects

Analytics planning, Reporting, Site tagging, A/B testing, Insight Generation, Troubleshooting, Technolgy consulting, Data manipulation

10 day Money back guarantee. No Questions asked.

Heavy Plan

$1399 /month

2 Active Projects

Unlimited Projects

Analytics planning, Reporting, Site tagging, A/B testing, Insight Generation, Troubleshooting, Technolgy consulting, Data manipulation

10-day Money back guarantee. No Questions asked.

All prices in US dollars

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